Our Saga

This chronicle of Apple exemplifies the power of technology as an all pervasive disruptor clocking 12.5 times average yearly return over past 40 years and still chugging ...

and Apple is not an outlier...

those who came a decade and two after Apple have done even better like Amazon and so those after Amazon like Google and Facebook.

The cycles of exponential wealth creation is simply getting compressed for these resourceful founders, their early employees and investors.


At Decacorn we aspire to stitch a string of pearls consisting of the next Apple Google Amazon Facebook, Alibaba Tencent and Baidu... betting on SpaceX, Palantir, Lyft, Postmates, 23andMe and the likes thereof carefully curated without a bias..

No other asset class be it gold, real estates, commodities, alternates can even come close to wealth creation by “patient-capital” pursuing high impact technology investments that exhibit rapid innovation cycles resulting in unheard of adoption curve.

They are simply changing the way we live work and play on planet earth and beyond ... either we join them or they make us obsolete

Decacorn Capital