Company Builder

Donna Kivirauma, is a serial entrepreneur, having started companies in the U.S. and Finland. She is highly experienced in company leadership, sales and marketing, and what she calls, β€œThe Art of Creating Opportunities.” Startups are her passion and she has developed over the years an uncanny knack to engineer a big impact in them, when it is needed most, especially in their nascent stage. She is a valuable resource for every startups that is seeking product market fit and access to new markets.

As an Company Builder, She is the brand ambassador for Decacorn in the Nordic and Baltic region, besides mentoring Decacorn funded startups with her time tested entrepreneurial skills. Donna is an Ameri-Finn, born and raised in the U.S but has been living in Finland for over a decade now and considers herself a Finn.

She is also the CEO of VirtualTraveller, a Finland based AR/VR deep tech startup that endeavours to revolutionise the ways and means we entertain ourselves. She studied Mathematics in first at Louisiana State University and Houston University and has worked in cross section of Industry at senior levels including Board positions in the past.