The German Accelerator, is a program supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to help German tech startups internationalize. German Accelerator South East Asia (GASEA) has set up its presence in Singapore, only its second in the world after the United States to work with strategic partners in the region to bring Germany’s tech startups to seek growth opportunities in Southeast Asia. GASEA will run five-month programs supporting the entry of German tech firms into the region to derive benefit from Singapore’s vibrant startup eco system.

Decacorn partners with GASEA to tap into the German startup hinterland and seek to curate high quality feedstock from within its hinterland which nurtures deep tech pioneering innovation and high calibre founders. Decacorn will work closely with GASEA to give these startups access to its network in the vibrant and high growth markets of South and South East Asia where lives a third of humanity backed by very favourable demographics and high pent up demand. On the flip side, this collaboration will also seek to take high quality Asian startups to markets in Germany and beyond in EU with an eye on accessing superior technology and growth capital.