SpeedUp Venture Capital Group is a venture capital firm founded in 2009 in Poznan, Poland specializing in incubation and growth capital investments in early stage, seed, and emerging growth companies. The firm also runs an accelerator program, “HugeThing” www.hugething.vc since 2012 and its participants have worked under the supervision of mentors from companies and organizations such as 500 Startups, Google, Microsoft, Allegro, and Wiseguys. The program has been awarded with CESA awards 2016 for the best accelerator program in Europe. Speedup VC prefers to invest in Medtech, Martech ICT, IoT, and hardware companies. It seeks to invest in companies based in Poland and in the Eastern and Central European countries.

Over the last 10 years, in Central and Eastern Europe, in so-called new EU member states, particularly in Poland, enormous amounts of public money have been spent (mostly coming from the European Union grants) on supporting early stage technological entrepreneurship and scientific papers commercialization. Companies and educated professionals developed on the basis of it, are now in need of capital for their development and market expansion.

Decacorn works closely with Speedup to tap into the abundant deep tech innovation and high caliber founders in Eastern Europe, a region which is mostly untapped as well as the high quality software programming skill that is available in the Baltic region. More importantly both sides provide sneak peek in each other’s portfolio with an aim to co-invest in start-ups that the other party is a lead investor as well as help each other’s portfolio companies to tap market opportunities and resources in each other’s hinterland.