Partner & Managing Director

Abhijit has over 25 years of experience in building successful business strategies and go-to-market models across Asia-Pacific. His core strength is in marketing and sales both direct and through channels and alliances.

Abhijit was one of the early adopters of digital marketing as a key area of specialization. This resulted in exponential growth of the technology businesses he ran in the economically and culturally diverse regions of South East Asia, North Asia and Australia, creating sales channels that rapidly on-boarded customers across 12 countries.

Abhijit brings with him an ability to identify and build lasting alliances as a critical strategy for businesses looking to scale rapidly in unfamiliar markets.

He has been an angel investor in his own merit for past several years. Being part of Decacorn core team he formalises his journey in the exciting world of technology led start-ups. He is based in Singapore for the past two decades.