Terms of Use


Terms of Use

Welcome to Decacorn Capital Website (Website). We are pleased to have you as a ‘Visitor’ with us today and would like to thank you for visiting us. By using this Website, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions. This Website (www.decacorncapital.com and websites linked to it (hereinafter referred to as this ‘Website’) is maintained and operated by Decacorn Capital Pte Ltd.(Decacorn) for and on behalf of itself as well as other related entities under the same or similar name having a common or cross ownership with each other. Each one of these entities are separate and distinct legal entities registered with the relevant registering authorities in their respective jurisdictions. Decacorn reserve the right to modify these ‘Terms of Use’ of this Website at anytime. Visitors to the Website will be bound by these terms if they continue to use the Website after the changes are posted on the Website.

If the Visitor is accessing this Website from a country of origin where it is illegal to access this Website then you must either ensure that you are complaint or else you should not access the Website. All Visitors to this Website access the website at their own initiative and are solely responsible for compliance with the laws and regulations in their Country of origin and / or access. Decacorn does not assume any responsibility in this regard.

All Materials provided in this Website are for information only. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and authenticity of the content, readers are cautioned that they should verify the information provided here with their own independent sources, before relying on them. Information on the Website is not offered as advice or recommendation on any particular matter and should not be treated as a substitute for specific advice or the visitor’s own due diligence. In particular, no professional, financial, securities or investment advice is offered or given by Decacorn to persons accessing information on the Website. Consequently, information or opinions contained in the Website must not be used for making an investment or other business decision. Advice from a suitably qualified professional should always be sought in relation to any particular matter or circumstances.

Decacorn and its Directors, Partners, Employees, Associates, Mentors and the likes thereof (collectively referred to as ‘We’, ‘Our’ and ‘Us’) are bound by various confidentiality agreements that We enter into from time to time in the usual course of Our business due to which We are often not able to make full and complete disclosures. Besides, many of the information provided in this Website was extracted from third party sites and sources that were or are available in the public domain from time to time and later could be modified, removed or otherwise disposed of. We are unable to verify or validate the authenticity of this information. Visitors to this Website are advised to take notice of these facts. We do not accept any liability based upon the visitor’s use of or reliance upon this Web Site and its contents and materials.

No responsibility is accepted by Us for any third-party sites accessed by a Visitor by way of hyper link or otherwise through this Website or otherwise by way of reference from this Website. All access to the any third party site is at sole risk to the Visitor to this Website.

Visitors to this Website need to ensure that their computers and other devices used to access this Website are comprehensively secured and protected. No responsibility will be accepted by Us for any malware, viruses, bugs or trojan and their likes being downloaded or infected by or through this website on to the visitors devices from this Website. Decacorn at its sole discretion reserves the right to track Visitors to, and usage of, this Website through "cookies" and similar techniques and to use any resulting information thereof in any manner.

Decacorn is the registered owner of the trademarks, logos, photos, text and content of this Website and reserves all rights to this Website, its design, content, look and feel and the underlying technology to the extent they are proprietary. Materials in this Website may be used by the Visitor for his own personal consumption only. No portion of this Website should be copied or reproduced or reused in any manner whatsoever. Other trademarks and tradenames, if any, used on this Website may be owned by their respective owners.

Visitors must take note that while Decacorn endeavours to protect the confidentiality of any information provided by them or shared with Us through this Website especially through the ‘contact us’ segment of this website, no responsibility will be accepted by Us for protecting against misuse or disclosure of such proprietary or confidential information, in absence of any specific agreement to protect such information.

By accessing the Website, you agree to indemnify Decacorn and its partners, shareholders, members, managers, officers, directors, employees and agents (collectively, the "Decacorn Indemnitees") against, and hold the Decacorn Indemnitees harmless from, any and all claims and expenses, including lawyers' fees, arising from any claims, damages, proceedings, suits etc from your use of the Website. You hereby release the Decacorn Indemnitees from any and all claims, demands, debts, obligations, damages (actual, consequential or special), costs and expenses of any kind whatsoever that you may have against the Decacorn Indemnitees arising out of or in any way related to such disputes on a full indemnity basis

Our rights under these Terms may be waived by us only in writing. These Terms are binding on the Visitor to the Website and their successors and permitted assigns. In the event any provision of these Terms are determined to be invalid or unenforceable, then such provision shall be replaced by provisions similar in intent to the provisions un-enforceable while the remainder of the provisions of the terms shall be valid and fully enforceable. Any dispute shall be governed by the Laws of Singapore and Visitors to this Website agrees to surrender to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Singapore. Other than Decacorn and the Visitor to the website no other third party shall have any right to enforce these ‘Terms of Use’

Effective Date: July 24, 2018

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